Booking Information and Conditions

We invite you to use our facilities, which cater for a wide range of groups. The camp is built on 3.5 acres surrounded by farm land close to the Waipa river. Only 16 kms from Hamilton City & 42 km from Raglan. Listed below are details of camp and some friendly conditions 


  2. We request that a table grace be said before all meals (by camp staff, group adult or child).
  3. To avoid the premises being used against the purpose it was built for, no meeting held at KCC will teach or promote any view contrary to the following key doctrine held by the KCC Trust.
    1. The Holy Bible is inspired by God and is the final authority on matters of faith.
    2. Within the nature of the one God there are three distinct persons, Namely The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit.
    3. God the Son, Jesus Christ, physically came to earth, Died for the payment of our sins, body rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven and will return to judge the living and the dead.

    Please contact us for a full copy of the Doctrines, with biblical references, held by the KCC Trust.

  4. NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs be brought onto the property.
  5. NO smoking in any of the buildings.
  6. Cleaning: You are responsible for the day-to-day cleanliness and hygiene of facilities used, including cleaning the ablutions. A final clean up prior to departure is expected. Should the facilities not be left in the same condition as on arrival, a cleaning surcharge will be incurred.
  7. The areas in & around the STAFF HOUSE, SHEDS & WORKSHOP are OUT OF BOUNDS.
  8. The camp staff May give an invite to our Christian Holiday Camps. We would be happy to give a more comprehensive Christian programme if requested at no charge (including games and bible stories).
  9. No pets are allowed except by prior arrangement.
  10. Noise control between 11pm and 7am must be exercised. Due to closeness of neighbours, some with small children please reduce noise levels between 9pm and 8am. No Loud Amplification.


  1. Group Organiser: Prior to their camp the group organiser will need to distribute, get in and collate the relevant disclosure of risk/permission form, and health & safety information for all participants of KCC lead activities. A summary of relevant information is to be given to KCC staff before any activities are used and source documents are available for KCC Staff to read on request. On arrival the group organiser will need to meet with the camp staff to relay updated information.
  2. Group Safety: The group agrees to use the activities at KCC strictly in accordance with KCC SOPs and accepts full responsibility for any accident or injury resulting from non-compliance with such rules. The group acknowledges that there are a number of dangers at KCC and accepts full responsibility for the supervision of all children while at camp so as to minimize their exposure to such dangers.
  3. First Aid: You will need to provide and administer your own first aid / medication requirements.
  4. Deposits: are non refundable unless more than 90 days notice (excluding school holidays) is given. You may also receive a bill for the minimum number of people you expected to come.
  5. Fees: The group understands that once the booking form has been signed and returned to KCC, it is obligated and held responsible for full payment of the minimum guaranteed reservations and may be billed accordingly. The final bill is payable prior to departure on the last day of camp and will include the minimum fees as calculated above, the fees for any extra attendees, any other charges incurred and any cleaning surcharges applicable.
  6. Minimum Charge: Is for accommodation & catering only, activity and other charges are extra. SMALL GROUPS may be asked to share the facility (if sharing there will be no minimum charge).
  7. Replacement cost of breakages: Damages to sports gear, buildings, equipment, etc (arrows, crockery etc), excluding normal wear and tear may be added to your account.
  8. Quoted Price: Subject to change only if there is a significant increase to KCC by our suppliers (eg Food, Buses). Notification will be in writing ASAP. There will be no increase within 3 months of your camp.


To assist with your camp planning, please contact us at least one week prior to your camp with the following:

* Number of people attending camp    * Your expected time of arrival

* A copy of your program

* Highlight areas where a staff member is needed (eg tramp guide, caving, Abseiling, team building etc)

* If we are catering, days on which a cut lunch would be required & any special menu/diet requirements. 

Click the Link below to download:

KCC Booking Details (191.4 KiB)